The digital platform for active, perpetual learning

Education vs. Learning

Education Learning
overall paradigm delivery discovery
social structure hierarchy community
context classroom world
environment simulated real
content fixed open
assigments recipes frameworks
activities consumption & repetition construction & creation
infrastructure administrative focus empowerment focus
assessments teacher-driven community-driven
process standardized personalized
motivation extrinsic intrinsic
expectation grades & certification skills & experience
Complementing the in-class experience with a digital component can make the education experience a learning experience.
But it has never been properly executed.
Message boards are antiquated.
LMSs are built for classroom management, not student engagement or learning.
New attempts use a tired top-down pedagogy not a student-driven approach.
Facebook and other social platforms weren’t built for education and aren't FERPA compliant.
But the reality remains truer than ever: Today's student is digitally native. They were born into the internet, device-in-hand.
The way in which they learn is dynamic, real-time and collaborative.

This is not a bad thing.

It is an opportunity to get the digital component of the learning experience right.

The Requirements

Start from the student, design in reverse. Create incentives, not limitations. Build a positive and supportive environment. Create a data feedback loop.

The Solution

Augment the education experience with familiar, intuitive technology that drives collaboration, increases engagement and creates active, perpetual learning.

The solution is Yellowdig

Yellowdig creates active, perpetual learning. It is a collaborative, immersive digital learning platform that complements the traditional educational experience.

How Yellowdig Works

For Instructors

1. Seamless LMS Integration

For Instructors

2. Create Topic Tags

For Instructors

3. Customize Points System

For Instructors

4. Connect to Gradebook

For Students

Students join Board in one tap or click from any device

For Students

Students drive content generation, pinning, commenting on and up- voting articles, videos, podcasts, interviews anything from anywhere. From any device, in real time.
Pinning interesting, engaging content
Social engagement

For Students

Students drive content generation, pinning, commenting on and up- voting articles, videos, podcasts, interviews anything from anywhere. From any device, in real time.

What Makes Yellowdig Different?


Yellowdig provides a user experience that aligns with technologies most used by today’s digital native student. It feels like Facebook. It is instantly familiar and natural.


Yellowdig Android and iOS apps align with “mobile” student. Learning happens anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Yellowdig nudges student participation and use through email and notifications


Yellowdig increases student participation, engagement and sharing both outside and within the classroom. It takes the learning beyond the bell. It sparks new discourse.


Yellowdig leaderboards spurs healthy competition amongst students, igniting topic exploration, driving learning.


Yellowdig generates actionable insight for both student and instructor. Participation points system data integrates seamlessly into gradebooks.

Use Cases

Online Only

Yellowdig enables immersive, collaborative learning amongst a geographically disperse student population. With no in-class component, Yellowdig facilitates engagement, developing a deeper connection to the material.

Hybrid Setting

Yellowdig provides a digital complement to the education that take place predominantly out of the classroom, creating a collaborative, engaging space amongst students and instructors that otherwise would not exist. Examples include executive graduate programs such as EMBAs.

Traditional Setting

Yellowdig augments the traditional university level course, creating a technology-driven, collaborative experience that facilitates active, perpetual engagement, participation, discourse and immersion into current affairs and perspectives.


Yellowdig facilitates unrealized collaborative opportunities amongst siloed faculty and staff members, revolutionizing the development and implementation of institution-wide initiatives such as strategic planning and student services development.

Why Students Love Yellowdig

  • Familiar, Intuitive
  • Feels like Facebook Mobile
  • Personalized learning
  • Notifications
  • Collaboration, Sharing

Why Faculty Love Yellowdig

  • Solves the whole problem, not just one aspect
  • Facebook-like experience
  • Tight LMS integration
  • Privacy compliance (FERPA)
  • Accessibility
  • Built-in participation points tracking, gradebook integration
  • Universal content access for all saves time
  • Students actually use it
  • Easy, open data analysis