Being able to share interesting tech articles with my classmates.
- Student, MIT Scale
When we are overwhelmed and distracted by the information on social network platforms, we finally would be able to hear and focus on what our cohort would like to say and share on a single platform.
- Student, Wharton School
I like the process of sharing cool articles with my classmates so I can stay up to date about current technologies and increase my class participation at the same time.
- Student, Wharton School
I like that media can be shared so easily among classmates. It's a very rich way to share information from outside the classroom and a great way to review classmates' contributions.
- Student, Wharton School
For me, the most useful aspect of Yellowdig is the fact that I am able to browse through and read several interesting articles related to our class without having to look up the articles myself. This way, I deepen my knowledge of related topics with help from other classmates.
- Student, Columbia Business School
Yellowdig is such a great way of connectivity towards your teachers and professors, making everything related to class accessible and easy to view
- Student, Columbia Business School
I find that during school I never know what to read or where to access information, and this creates a good outlet for sharing of valuable information. Also, as someone stated today, we get to see the sources that other students are using.
- Student, Columbia Business School
Its the perfect mix between social networks and scholastic databases which allows for students and professors to stay up to date with the expansive information being presented
- Student, Columbia Business School
The most useful aspect of Yellowdig is its simplicity. Although there are likely very many features and things that could be added to the site, it is important that it remains simple in structure.
- Student, Columbia Business School
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